Chaos Competition Wire


The one and only Chaos Wire is back with a vengeance ! One of the only true vaping wires - developed in the UK to a unique blend which is not available to anyone else within the vaping industry. We do not repack our wire - it is not kanthal - it is not nichrome - it is not stainless steel , its pure CHAOS ! 

A unique blend of kanthal and other resistance metals makes Chaos Wire's one of the best wires in the world when it comes to low resistance.

  • Chaos Wire does not degrade like 317L.
  • Chaos Wire is lower in resistance to nichrome 80 , but not to low to use for regular and competition builds.
  • Various gauges from 19AWG to 26AWG.
  • 10FT pack and 30FT packs available.



Chaos Wire is provided in custom made packets with our unique graphic.


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